Delicious Smoked Bacon Flavouring! Medix CBD Oil for Dogs

bacon-flavoured CBD oil that can help ease your dog's anxiety or pain

Here at Modern Dog, we know how hard it can be to watch your pup go through pain or suffering.


That’s why we want to you to know about Medix CBD Oil for Dogs, a high-quality product custom built for canines that can help to ease your dog’s discomfort.

bacon-flavoured CBD oil that can help ease your dog's anxiety or pain


If you’re not quite sure what CBD is, don’t worry, you aren’t the only one. CBD or cannabidiol is derived from hemp much like THC; however, unlike THC, CBD is non-psychoactive, and therefore cannot get your dog ‘high’. Not only is this component of hemp safe for dogs to use, it can be very beneficial for dogs as a means to relieve pain, reduce anxiety, stimulating appetite and more.



With a delicious bacon flavour, Medix CBD’s high-end tinctures are tested and certified to ensure a high-quality formula. With only four ingredients, Pure CBD, hemp seed, bacon flavour, and vitamin E, there’s no second guessing what you are administering to your dog. We love that this tincture not only includes straight forward ingredients, but also features a mouthwatering meaty taste to ease the administration process. bacon-flavoured CBD oil that can help ease your dog's anxiety or pain


To give CBD to your dog, simply add these smoky scented oral drops to your dog’s food, treats, or water bowl. With formulas built specifically for small, medium, and large dogs, dosing is made easy – a serving size is 1 ml, but can be adjusted according to your pet’s condition under your veterinarian’s recommendation.


With 30 servings in every bottle, these professional quality tinctures are a great way to reduce your dog’s difficult symptoms. With prices starting at $29, find Medix CBD Oil for Dogs at – JH

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