The Survival Leash is the world’s first life saving dog leash, designed and tested by people who love dogs and love the thrill of adventure. Containing a host of essential survival tools and made of strong paracord, the Survival Leash can be relied upon in an emergency. Now available on Kickstarter.

Vital in any survival situation is the ability to attract attention and for this the Survival Leash includes a powerful whistle. The built-in compass ensures dog walkers will always be able to navigate themselves, even after their smart phone battery runs out. The leash is hand woven from lengths of paracord, a strong and lightweight material ever popular for survival products, and this can be unravelled to provide more rope length when needed.

The most unique feature, and the reason the leash is patent pending, is the monkey fist; a small ball bearing wrapped securely in paracord and built unobtrusively into the handle of the leash. Designed as a throwing tool to enable the unwound paracord to be thrown further, the monkey fist could also be used to break glass, as emergency climbing gear, or in many other applications. The only limit is your imagination!

The design of the leash is carefully thought out to include features that make it truly functional. An emergency pouch to stash tools, a carabiner that can hold 220 lb, and a handy D ring to attach the leash around your body and keep both hands free to play fetch, grapple with the map, or scramble up a mountain.

The Survival Leash comes in single or double weave and a choice of sizes and colours. Also available is a matching collar and survival bracelet. All this for little more than the price of a standard leash. Head to Kickstarter to choose yours now!