I know, I
know, a non-Chance related post, but I need to occasionally use this venue to
brag about my other monsters too!

This past
weekend we celebrated Cash’s 7th birthday, time has gone so fast
with him. It seems like just yesterday I was standing at the bottom of my
stairs looking up at the giant goofball excitedly awaiting an introduction to
his new family. Dog years are not fair; he went from a mid-life crisis at six
(approximately 49 in dog years) to an official senior at seven (56 in dog years)
all in one short year. Despite being the youngest of my brood by human
standards, it is hard to believe he is now the oldest in doggie years (Roxy is
51 and Chance is 52). Although his exuberance and eternal puppy-dom contradict
these hard facts, I am slowly beginning to see the signs of aging in his distinguished
visage; a slight peppering of gray where his signature white stripe resides, an
easy calm in those mischievous eyes I have come to regard as my favorite feature.
What is there left for a mom to do but to enjoy the quiet serenity that seems
to have crept into my Cash’s heart.