By the time summer passes into fall I’m usually ready to put away my sandals, shorts and tank tops and relish the cozy warmth of my knit sweaters and leggings. This year, however, summer seemed to pass by in the blink of an eye so I feel shortchanged and although I have no alternative but to accept that fall is indeed here, I’ll keep summer’s highlights in the here-and-now by sharing them with you!

Swimming at the dog beach:
Up and out of bed by 6am, before heading to work, I’d throw on my bathing suit and cycle the block and half to the dog-beach where I’d share the enjoyment of a morning swim with other early risers (oddly, I was the only human swimming, but the dogs and I knew what their humans were missing – the cool Pacific was bracing, but in a very good way – honest!!).


Outfitters to the Best-Dog:
Karin, Modern Dog’s editorial assistant, got married this summer and although we can’t claim credit for her magnificent wedding gown, we did help her adorable Yorkie, Mr. Big, dig up the appropriate duds to be most handsome Best-Dog at the ceremony. Congratulations to the bride and groom!!

Mr. Big’s Tuxedo is from Doggie Designer

Island Style:
Seemingly always on some deadline or another, it’s often hard to escape the work treadmill, but stretching a Friday into a long weekend get-away on heavenly Salt Spring island is always a treat and provides a fun and restorative break.

Out for a day on the water, it was so much fun!

Fashion and More in the Big Apple:
Summer just wouldn’t be summer without planning a trip to the Big Apple for none other than New York Pet Fashion Week.




My August mini-vacay to dog-friendly Maritimes was also a highlight, the scenery driving south from Halifax was breathtaking. Click here for to see more photos from my trip.