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Looking to match with your furry four-legged friend? Dog on Leash creates luxurious matching accessories for both you and your dog. Rock a belt or bracelet that matches your dog's collar, leash or show lead for maximum style and sophistication. Made from materials like Italian leather, pearls, and Swarvoski crystals, these handcrafted pieces are well-made and sure to receive many compliments at the dog park and beyond. Johanne, founder of Dog on Leash, spoke with us about her business and the beautiful products she creates for her customers. 


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Dog on Leash is much more than just a boutique. We specialize in unique leather dog collars and leashes for your canine best friend, as well as similar belts for their owner. From the United States, Canada and Europe, we support artists that create unique collars and leashes that will bring out your dog’s unique personality. 

All of our products are handmade with the finest Italian leather and the strongest hardware. From luxurious Swarovski crystals to silver ornaments and stones, these are some of the absolute finest pet art wear available. From small to big dogs, classical to fashionable, we have a style and size for your beloved furry best friend. 



DOG COLLARS are handmade and available in a range of models – both luxury and casual depending on your dog's style. Choose a base model and customize by changing the colour of the leather/suede and Swarovski crystals with our colour tablet.

Dog on Leash collar

LEASHES are available in the same styles as collars, so your dog will have the perfect matching accessories! Tassels are made from kangaroo leather with European beads and gems to enhance your dog's collar. With this collar and leash combo, your dog will be the most stylish pup around!

Dog on Leash leash

BELTS are available in the same styles as dog collars and leashes, so you can match with your stylish dog.

Dog on Leash belt

SHOW LEASHES are made in exquisite kangaroo leather, and are available in almost any colour with beautiful beads. Kangaroo leather is the most durable and soft leather you can find, making it great for show leads. Customers have the option to customize the colour, length and beads based on their dog's style. 

Dog on Leash leads


BRACELETS made from kangaroo leather with European beads and gems to match your show leads. 

Dog on Leash bracelet