French Bulldog tee from Imago Drift

Sketch, Sew. Wiggle, Wag. My new embroidered French Bulldog tee from Imago Drift has me in stitches! All the machine embroideries are hand-controlled not computer-controlled so each item is an original, like me!—Maxine “One-of-a-kind” Matishak ($40,

Treat collar from Gwen Gear

Gwen Gear’s lightweight yet durable “Treat” collar and lead are the pawfect solution to summer
accessorizing. The cute cupcake motif with an edge—who doesn’t like a little cupcakes ‘n’ crossbones?—will sweeten any dog’s disposition. –Karin ($33 and $38,

Salt and pepper shakers from Gazelle Art Glass

Flavour your world with a little dash pepper and sprinkle of salt! These Gazelle Art Glass salt and pepper shakers come in a Dog and Hydrant pairing. With each set unique, no picnic meal is the same without these character shakers. Bon appétit!—Annica ($78,

Andean Poncho from South America

I’ll be all dressed and ready to go in this Andean Poncho from South America. Next time Aunt Jessica goes adventuring, she better plan to bring a dog carrier!—Miniature Dachshund Esther

CleanWave UV-C Sanitizing Furniture and Bed Vac from Verilux

Utilizing chemical-free, odourless UV-C light, Verilux’ CleanWave UV-C Sanitizing Furniture and Bed Vac eliminates 99.9% of viruses, bacteria, dust mite and flea eggs on household surfaces, making this detachable hand vacuum perfect for quick pet cleanups.—Lillian ($130,

Handmade Abby dog tags from Make your Dog Smile

These handmade Abby dog tags are perfect: Should my dog “liberate” himself from my backyard, I can search assured that if the neighbours find him before I do, they’ll know that even if I don’t have a escape-artist-proof fence, I have great taste!—Krista ($14,

Pets’ Spark’s supplements from Pets’ Spark

Having a beard myself, I can relate to how hard it can be to keep your jowls looking clean and respectable. That’s why I’m jealous of Pets’ Spark’s supplements that eliminate the gooey bacteria that stain the face and mouth of many of our furry friends. I It only takes a few doses, and comes in a variety of flavors. I recommend the chicken.—Jonathon ($23,

Dyson DC25 Animal from Dyson

Vacuuming used to be a boring and tedious household chore until I got my new Dyson DC25 Animal. Its amazing suction power picks up dust, dirt, and the peskiest of pet hair. And it rides on a ball rather than fixed wheels, pivoting on the spot so you won’t have to push it back and forth to reach those corners or gaps where Fluffy’s hair always seems to gather. With its washable filters and no costly vacuum bags to replace, it’s environmentally friendly, too!—Connie ($550,

Hand-made art ornament from the Papered Orb

This beautiful, hand-made art ornament from the lovely people at the Papered Orb is the perfect way to remember my best friend. One-of-a-kind and special like a snowflake (just like my Elmo was).
—Melissa ($49,

Simple Treasure collar from Dean & Tyler

Big-dog owners rejoice! Dean & Tyler’s Simple Treasure collar with elegant Western conchos and super-comfy Soft Touch leash are the perfect combination to put top-quality, high-style leathers on your fashion-starved big guys and gals. Why should little dogs have all the fun?—Marian (Collar/leash combo $50/$75,

Wanderlust from Italian designer Marco Morosini

Wanderlust = The Nomad dog house. Italian designer Marco Morosini’s canine “motorhome,” made of baked clay and platinum and part of his Dog is a God project celebrating the divine nature of our canine friends, is definitely the very opposite of a trashy trailer.—Jennifer (

Hats featuring dog art from Eric Ginsburg

Hats featuring dog art by Eric Ginsburg represent my uncompromising love for dogs, art, and funky freshness all the while protecting the delicate skin on my face from the sun’s harmful rays. Thanks, Eric, for bringing it to the streets!—Jessica ($19,

Ella Bees collar from Pupperazi

Step into summer with this buzz-worthy Ella Bees collar from Pupperazi. It’s 100% cotton and washable so you can wash the dog park off.—Miniature Dachshund Rose ($20,

Pink tote bag from Posh Puppy Boutique

I love my super stylish, pink tote bag from Posh Puppy Boutique. The ever-so-cute pattern will definitely make you the envy of all your friends while the stain-resistant Crypton fabric ensures it continues
to look good. It also comes with a little cosmetic bag!—Celine ($95,

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