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Stuff We Love—Summer 2017

Modern Dog staffers’ picks of the litter

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HandsOn Gloves

HandsOn Gloves

My shepherd Maverick barely tolerates being groomed using conventional methods so
I gave the HandsOn Gloves ($25) a try. He loved the massage! The patented gloves removed hair and dander for a healthy, shiny coat and kept him calm, turning grooming into bonding.  Find it in stores from Hollywood Feed to Ace Hardware, online from to, and it will soon be seen on QVC!—Mariah

CALMZ Anxiety Relief System

CALMZ Anxiety Relief System

Is your dog a bundle of nerves? The new CALMZ Anxiety Relief System ($130) is a vest that emits a therapeutic combination of music, tones, and vibrations over acupressure points to soothe fear, anxiety, and stress. Check out the testimonials and you'll definitely want to try this on your anxious dog. The only question is, do they make these for people?—Jennifer

Fruitables Broth Bowls

Chicken Broth Bowls from Fruitables

As a picky Dachshund, I love it when my mom elevates my regular dog food from ordinary to extraordinary with chicken Broth Bowls from Fruitables ($15 for two). A splash of this healthy broth adds both flavour and hydration to my everyday diet. I give it four paws up!—Penny the Wirehaired Dachshund


Goodwinol’s Out Dam Spot

Don't let unexpected stains ruin your day! Goodwinol's Out Dam Spot (& Farewell Smell) ($9) pet stain and odour remover gets the job done so you can get back to having fun in the sun! It's chemically engineered to effectively remove all sorts of pet stains and smells from carpets, clothing, and upholstery.— Celine



With the arrival of my white fluff ball of a puppy, getting rid of pet hair from pretty much everything I own had become a full-time job. Then I discovered Fur-Zoff ($13). All it takes is a light sweeping motion and Fur-Zoff's unique texture effortlessly removes hair from clothing, upholstery—you name it. While it isn't flashy, this unassuming product works! It has a 100% lifetime guarantee and–bonus–is made of 90% post-consumer recycled materials.—Clara


Bodyguard Protective Dog Repellent Spray

While my big Boxer boy Duke José is a total sweetheart, not every dog is. It has happened that other dogs have become aggressive towards him when we're out and about and it's terrifying. In the event of a dog fight, non-toxic Bodyguard protective dog repellent spray ($16) stops dog attacks in their tracks so we can keep exploring and socializing with confidence. —Julia

Auburn Leathercrafters

Collars and Leashes from Auburn Leathercrafters

Give your pup a classic look with this combo of finely crafted leatherwork and beautiful ribbon. Auburn Leathercrafters' gorgeous, handcrafted collars (from $35) and leashes (from $36) use durable yet stylish materials like leather and brass to make a long-lasting product to enjoy for years to come.—Laura



Having been through age-related mobility issues with my Kaya girl, I can tell
you GingerLead ($60) is a godsend. When stairs, getting up, or getting into a vehicle become difficult for your dog, GingerLead's patented, top quality lifting aid gives extra support to your senior, disabled or recovering dog to help with balance, mobility, and dignity.

SmartPup Collar

SmartPup Collar from Pup IQ

Make sure your dog isn't one of the estimated 1.2 million that are stuck by vehicles each year; ensure your dog is seen in all conditions, whether dark, rain, sleet or snow, with a SmartPup collar from Pup IQ. Utilizing a special prismatic material, these durable, waterproof collars ($35) and leashes ($40) offer the highest standard of reflectivity so you know that you and your dog will stay visible and safe.—Nav

VitaLife Duck Tenders

VitaLife Duck Tenders

I will do anything for VitaLife's one ingredient Duck Tenders ($11) —even sneeze on command (my best, crowd-pleasing trick)! While I'm in it for the freshly baked taste, my mom loves that there are no by-products, wheat, corn, soy, or artificial colours and flavours. Bring on the Tenders!—Esther the Miniature Dachshund

Louie De Coton

Louie De Coton Cooling Sun Tee

We all know to slap on the sunscreen before heading outdoors but did you know that dogs can get skin cancer too? Help limit sun exposure with a Cooling Sun Tee ($36) with built in UPF 50+ sun protection from Louie de Coton. The lightweight, quick-dry fabric will not restrict your pup so they can keep having fun in the sun!—Eleanor

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