The Green Pet Shop

Cool pad from The Green Pet Shop

My dog will finally get a break from the heat with this nifty Cool Pad. Thanks to its pressure activated, non-toxic cooling gel, he’ll be cool and happy in the hot days of summer. It lasts two to three hours and “recharges” with just 15 to 20 minutes of nonuse!— Maxine “Too Cool” Matishak ($25,

Buddy Belt

Harness from Buddy Belt

I finally got a Buddy Belt harness and couldn’t be happier! What a great find for my Pug who never wears regular collars, but still wants to look stylish and pretty! Buddy Belts are super sturdy, easy to put on, and I don’t have to worry about my dog slipping out. It’s love.—Julia (From $40,

Love Thy Beast

Canvas tote from Love Thy Beast

I love my new ride! As a golden oldie, I often need to be carried so I adore Love Thy Beast’s sturdy, stylish, cotton canvas pet tote. It keeps me comfy and looking chic when I’m out and about and the scoop on the side allows me an unobstructed view (very important!).—Miniature Dachshund Rose ($160,

Lilly Brush

Be Forever Furless brush from Lilly Brush

For some of us, shedding knows no season. Thank goodness for the Be Forever Furless brush, which removes my dog’s hair from my clothing. It works on all fabrics; the bristles are even gentle enough for delicate fabrics like cashmere! It’s also great for removing pills, lint, and light soil, and it’s reusable–just rinse and its ready to pick up more pet hair. A definite summer must-have!—Kara ($20,

California Collar Co.

Step-in harness from California Collar Co.

A step-in harness makes daily walks more enjoyable, especially if your dog is a relentless puller! This beautiful lightweight harness from California Collar Co. is perfect for those smaller dogs with huge personalities who tug and pull their way through a walk. It’s a great alternative to the leash and collar and the results include relieved neck stress, increased style, and wagging tails.—Luisana ($69,

Anything Dogs

Wine glass from Anything Dogs

Summer tip: enjoy some pinot grigio in a fancy crystal wine glass from Anything Dogs while soaking up the sun on a patio, Fido by your side. Is this the best part of summer? I think so!—Celine ($52 for a pair,

Found My Animal

Handcrafted leash from Found My Animal

My dog Sadie and I love supporting companies that promote adoption and Found my Animal is all about that. It doesn’t hurt that their products are top notch too! All of their lovely handcrafted leashes are made with marine-grade rope so they age beautifully. The leashes come in all different colours including hand-dyed ombré options. Pair one up with a matching collar or harness!—Vanessa ($62,


Outdoor drinking fountain from

The clean lines and tranquil burbling of this outdoor drinking fountain for dogs make a delightful addition to your outdoor living space while providing your dog with a continuous supply of fresh, clean drinking water! (You can also use it indoors.)—Connie

Humble Beasts

Retro carrier from Humble Beasts

This adorably retro carrier is perfect for dogs up to 16 pounds and the stylish people that love them. It’s not only fashionable, but comfortable and functional, folding flat for storage.—Taryn ($100,

Snuggle Pet Products

Snuggle puppy from Snuggle Pet Products

I know a dog with some pretty serious anxiety problems, and I’ve tried everything to help him cope when his humans are away. The warm and cozy Snuggle Puppy, with its reassuring heartbeat and heat packs, provides real comfort (both for him and me!). —Lauren ($40,

Happy Pups

Reversible shirt from Happy Pups

A small yet tough dog like me deserves a shirt to show off her attitude. Happy Pups’ “Guard Dog” reversible shirt (there’s an anchor print on the other side of more low key days) will help your dog tell the world who’s the boss (hint: it’s not Tony Danza) and keep her looking sharp!—Miniature Dachshund Esther ($25,