P.L.A.Y.’s Urban Denim Pet Bed

There’s just something about denim. You love it and now so can your pets! P.L.A.Y.’s urban
denim pet beds are made of a soft yet durable denim material. Unique and original, denim’s
never been so stylin’!—Annica ($129, petplay.com)

Leather Collar from My Mascot

As Neo loves to look elegant, follow trends, and be a modern dog at all times, this stunning,
limited edition, leather collar from My Mascot was a must-have addition to his collection. Check
out the horseshoe buckle!—Omar ($44, mymascot.com)

3D Pet Portrait by Sian Keegan

Sian Keegan’s whimsical 3d Pet Portraits are custom made to encapsulate each one-of-a-
kind characteristic you love about your pet. Using only recycled “found” fabrics, this earth friendly
miniature version of my beloved Roxy has me asking, “which Roxy is which?”
—Sara (from $100, siankeegan.com)

Fab Dog Raincoat

My new Fab Dog raincoat keeps me dry and stylish. Featuring a nylon shell, mesh lining, and
velcro closure, it’s super easy to put on. And when I’m not wearing it, it folds up into its own
convenient, built-in pocket!—Wirehaired Dachshund Penny ($32, fabdog.com)

Oscar Newman Birthday Surprise Cake Toy

I heart Oscar Newman products for pint-sized pups. Their latest, the Birthday Surprise Cake
toy is a plush cake container that holds four tiny toys that squeak and crinkle. Five toys in one!
That’s the birthday present that keeps on giving.—Karin ($55, oscarnewman.com)

Ellen Rescue Shirt

Just when I thought I couldn’t love Ellen DeGeneres more, she goes ahead and designs a shirt
in support of animal rescue. Partial proceeds from the sale of this tee are donated to the HSUS;
time to laugh, dance, rescue!—Celine ($20, ellenshop.com)

Fleabag Bed

On her Fleabag bed is where you’ll find my puppy lounging. Their beds are handmade in
California and each has a reversible, removable, and washable fabric cover. Tons of awesome
patterns to choose from!—Vanessa ($108, fleabagbed.com)

Jump Rope from Found My Animal

Found My Animal’s new jump rope with wooden handles has the same classic good looks as
their rope leashes for dogs and, like their dog gear, 25 percent of profit goes to support animal
rescue efforts.—Jennifer ($33, foundmyanimal.com)

Art Tile by Jay Schmetz

I’m high in the sky with this whimsical art tile from animal artist Jay Schmetz. Made with
high heat, pressure, and dye sublimation ink, the tile can be framed, displayed or used as a
coaster. Up, up and away!—Maxine “Hot Air” Matishak ($13, schmetzpetz.net)

Sleepy Pod Carrier

Sleepy Pod has designed the most comfy and efficient carrier for your dog. Bring your little
furry friend with you, from the car to the plane and anywhere in between, while keeping your
companion safe and relaxed.—Neo the four-legged traveler ($160, sleepypod.com/air)

Dog Gone Smart Pet Throw

The comfy Dog Gone Smart pet throw protects my car seats from the dirt and dampness
my intrepid canine, Penny, brings in after a romp at the beach. Its nanotechnology repels
liquids, dirt, and coat oils, keeping my new car looking and smelling new.—Connie ($99,

Sniff Pet Candles

When things get stinky (as life with dogs inevitably does), sniff pet candles save the day.
Created to promote your dog’s well being, they have the added benefit of lending a lovely
fragrance to your home. Take “fart & away,” a mix of ylang ylang, tuberose, white tea, myrtle,
and fennel developed “not only to deodorize, but to actually ease the cause of your dog’s
unpleasant condition.” —Miniature Dachshund Esther ($28, sniffpetcandles.com)

The Springer Leash

With spring here, thoughts turn to activities like biking. How do you manage to keep both
hands on the handlebars and control your dog at the same time? The Springer allows you to
clip your dog to the bike in a way that won’t disrupt your balance. She can run freely and safely
beside the bike and you can steer.—Marian ($89, springeramerica.com)

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