Treat your dog to a good night’s sleep with Buddyrest’s high quality orthopedic beds! These vet-approved, waterproof, temperature regulating, anti-bacterial beds (from $119) are designed to prevent painful joint problems by supporting the body.—Kevin 


My big fluffy Shepherd mutt Gyoza is a constant mess of tangled fur and almost-dreadlocks. Staying on top of the knots is a full-time job and brushing them out can be painful for him, so I love John Paul Pet’s Oatmeal Conditioning Spray ($9). It has 13 conditioning agents, smells like almonds, and makes brushing a breeze!—Jen


Einstein Pets treats ($9) are one smart cookie—pun intended! Their delicious treats contain
no preservatives, wheat, soy or corn, and are made with just a select few ingredients—all
of them easy to pronounce! Their wide variety of flavours include delish options like Cha
Cha Coconut, made with real coconut, apples, and chia!—Mariah 


Blue and Homer are my lovable mutts and I’ve been searching for custom keepsakes featuring art that looks just like them. Eldoop Design makes amazing ceramic custom keepsakes, like a treat jar featuring sculptures that look like your dogs on the lid (from $165)! They’ll work with you to create just about anything you can imagine. I love their custom jewelry box and can imagine my dogs on top to become an adorable one-of-a-kind piece of art (they make a great gift too)! —Eleanor 


I love to break free from the watchful eye of my mum and go exploring! She put the
ingenious Amazing Dog Stopper ($20) on my collar to keep me safe and now, whenever I try to make a break for it, it descends and gently taps my leg which makes me stop long enough
for my mum to scoop me up!—River the Office Dog


I’m head over heels for these breed-specific weathervanes from Anything Dogs (from $575)! Fully functional and weather resistant, these weathervanes are hand carved from basswood and have a durable finish to ensure they stay bright and vibrant for years to come. From Airedales to Yorkies, they truly have all breeds covered so you’re sure to find your pup's likeness—multiple breed colours are even available!—Clara


My two senior Chihuahuas, Kaliya and Keira, love going for walks but their little necks
are too delicate for collars and many traditional harnesses don’t fit properly. Thankfully,
Buddy Belt harnesses (from $41) fit like a dream and take all of the pressure off of my dogs’ necks
during walks. Highly recommended!—Jacqueline 


My mom brought home the Auburn Leathercrafter’s Tuscany Leash (from $52) for me and it’s perfect! Pliable yet durable, it’s made of beautiful, high quality Italian leather, proudly crafted in the USA, and comes in gorgeous colours.–Ava the American Eskie


My mom says that with Freshpet’s all-natural pet food, feeding me fresh has never been
easier. All I know is I love dinner time more than ever! Their refrigerated dog food (from $10) is made of fresh meats and veggies and contains no preservatives so it’s all healthy stuff. I love the grain-free beef and lamb recipe! Get your mom to find a store offering Freshpet near you with their handy store locator.—Mariah’s lucky dog Maverick


Glandex is not only a favourite of mine, but also a fave of my office humans! I’m now
“scoot-free” and comfortable all day long! Glandex’s tasty, unique fibre blend works
to support anal gland health from the inside out by creating firm and bulky stools that
help the anal glands empty naturally (from $33). It also contains natural anti-inflammatories and probiotics for a healthy GI tract!—Penny the Dachshund 


Preparedness is my mantra! PetMedic USA Large Companion Animal First Aid Kit ($115) has everything from dressings and swabs to forceps and syringes in a convenient 5-pound
case so you have everything you may need in the case of an emergency to keep your dog
safe and alive.—Jennifer


As the only Modern Dog staffer without a dog, I live for love and attention from our office
pups. I quickly discovered that VitaLife Chicken with Pumpkin & Flaxseed Chips ($14) were the
perfect incentive. Now, whenever they crowd around my desk for these treats, I feel like
their favourite!—Laura