Every year thousands of dogs are needlessly and violently killed at the Yulin Dog Meat Festival in China's Yulin Guangxi Autonomous Region. Most Chinese residents are opposed to the practice, and a recent protest in the city of Dalian saw 100,000 people passionately protesting the festival. Their outrage is justified—of the 10 million dogs killed every year across China for their meat, most of them are stolen pets and strays taken from the street. Dog owners and lovers across the country are increasingly angry and worried for the safety of their pets.

The Humane Society International has championed a campaign to stop the festival, reaching out directly to the country’s president, Xi Jinping. To gain support and promote the petition, HSI has teamed up with celebrities and their dogs. Ricky Gervais, Lucy Watson, Gemma Atkinson, Jenny Seagrove, Sandi Thom, Brian Blessed, and Chris Packham have all snapped selfies with their beloved pets to raise awareness and hopefully put an end to this intolerable festival.


You can support #StopYulin by signing the petition at hsi.org/stopyulin

Your support helps! Due to overwhelming international pressure, last year’s festival was a much more subdued event with fewer dogs slaughtered. But less is not enough. Sign the petition, share the hashtag #StopYulin, and spread the word to end this deplorable act and save the lives of many innocent animals.

Via Humane Society International