This seemingly harmless ball was the bane of my existence last night. I originally brought the Squeezz ball home with the intention of annoying Jeremy (one of my favourite pastimes), but my plan backfired. While he slept restfully through the night, Roxy kept me up until the wee hours of the morn with her constant and unrelenting squeaking, scratching and whining.

You see her favourite game is to capture the ball, chew the squeak right out of it, and then paw at it until it rolls away. Once it gets trapped underneath the sofa/bed/dresser where she can’t reach it, she’ll whine and bark in my face endlessly until I finally give in and retrieve her precious ball. This went on for hours last night.

So thanks a lot, Kong, for creating a durable squeaky ball that is completely irresistable to my tenacious dog, Roxy, yet is still small enough to fit under my furniture. Just in case my sarcasm isn’t translating via blog post, I’m upset with you.