Springer America, exclusive importer of the Springer Dog Exerciser to the Americas from Norway, is launching a new distribution system to make it easier for consumers in North and Central America to purchase Springer Dog Exercisers without import fees or expensive shipping charges.

Springer America has partnered with SpringerMexico.com to be the exclusive distributor for Springer Dog Exercisers in Mexico, while T&T Enterprises will sell Springers to US customers through their website, OurPamperedHome.com. Partnership with a Canadian distributor is expected to be announced soon. 

Springer America President, Kjell Ottesen, says, “We are excited that customers throughout the Americas will now be able to save money buying Springers at a time when dog health experts are emphasizing the critical importance of exercise.”

An October 2013 survey conducted by The Association for Pet Obesity Prevention (APOP) revealed that 52.6% of dogs are obese. APOP Founder and veterinarian, Dr. Ernie Ward, noted that pet obesity “has the greatest collective negative impact on pet health, and yet it is almost completely avoidable.”

To combat this trend, Webmd.com encourages daily exercise to keep your dog “healthy, happy and out of trouble,” citing better behavior, greater agility, reduced digestive problems, and weight control. In their discussion of the benefits of cycling with your dog, they suggest attaching your pet’s leash “to your bike with a Springer.”

Ottesen, a native Norwegian, first learned about Springer Dog Exercisers while living in Norway. The Springer is a bike attachment that allows dogs to run safely beside their owners. Springer’s low-mounted, heavy-duty steel spring absorbs up to 90% of a dog’s unexpected tugs, allowing bike riders to keep their balance, while protecting them from traffic, pedals, and wheels.

Enjoyed by 600,000+ dog-loving bicyclists around the world since 1988, the Springer is quick and easy to install.


Springer America is the official importer for the Springer Dog Exerciser to the Americas. Purchases in Mexico can be made through SpringerMexico.com and purchases in the U.S. can be made through OurPamperedHome.com. Currently, Canadians can purchase a Springer through RunningK9.com. For more information, contact Kjell Ottesen at 919-616-0532 or kjell@springeramerica.com.