1. Spark Joy with this spring's cutest accessory upgrade—a matching scarf/bandana combo for you and your dog. Dogily’s Serene square scarf is made from silk twill with hand-hemmed and hand-stitched edges for a luxurious upgrade to your every day. Other lovely patterns available as well. $49, dogily.com


2. Fall in Love With Grooming Gloves. Spring shedding season is upon us. Why brush loose hair when you can de-shed by simply petting your dog? HandsOn grooming gloves are a game-changer. Simply pet/ massage your dog and super-effectively remove loose hair with these comfortable gloves. Dogs and owners rave: Best grooming session ever. $25, handsongloves.com


3. Fetch Brunch with P.L.A.Y.’s delectably adorable Brunch Collection of plush, squeaky toys. Choose from favourites like Chicken and Woofles or a Buddy Mary to start your day right. From $9 each or snag the whole collection for $45, petplay.com


4. Adventure No Matter The Weather. Road trips and outdoor adventures with your dog don’t have to leave your car messy! Protect your backseat or cargo area with 4Knines’ essential backseat cover or cargo liner. Heavy-duty and multi-sized, they’re easy to install and clean and feature a non-slip waterproof layer. From $60, 4knines.com


5. Playtime! Cool Tugs’ fun and super-durable Puller toys are ideal for interactive play. They come in a two-pack so you can have fun, condition recall and drop, and quickly wear off energy all at once. Safe, light, and very durable, they hold their shape even in robust play, and come in sizes from Micro all the way up to Maxi, making them a perfect fit for Chihuahuas all the way up to Cane Corso! From $16, cooltugs.com


6. Let Them Eat…Crickets! Thanks to an alternative protein source, you can treat your dog and be kind to the planet at the same time! Marley’s Greener Treats are made from, yep, crickets, and dogs love them. (Online review: "I tried the parsley & mint with my two dogs and they both go absolutely bonkers for them. If they smell these treats on me, they'll start doing any trick they can think of to try and get one.") These protein-packed dog treats are grain-free, all natural, easily digestible, sustainable, and, most importantly, tasty. The crickets come from Entomo Farm in Canada and are eco-friendly (way less resources and no methane emissions). And right now, get 25% off your first order at marleysgreenertreats.ca


7. A Better Poop Bag. Upgrade to a better poop bag. Lucky Dog’s plant-based, zero-plastic poop bags are entirely compostable, meaning every time you scoop you’re doing mother earth a favour. The reviews – “best poop bag ever!!!” – say it all. These corn-based bags are strong (no breaks or leaks), easy to open, have no wasteful core, and one percent of sales are invested in cleaning up the planet. Try them and get 50 percent off and free shipping with code poopbag50. Was $14.95; $7.47 with code, luckydogdirect.com

Photo Ellis Berankova/Shutterstock


8. Let Sleeping Dogs Lie Give your dog a comfy new bed. On average, dogs spend as much as half their day asleep—that’s 12 hours a day. On top of that, they tend to spend another 30 percent awake but relaxing, and only 20 percent being active. Puppies, older dogs, and bigger breeds spend even more time dozing. All of which is to say that if you’re going to invest in one thing, make it a comfortable and supportive dog bed. Bowsers makes excellent, next-level dog beds in an array of styles, from orthopedic to donut. Their Shibori-patterned microvelvet donut bed, pictured, is made with upholstery grade fabric, a removable tufted cushion, and a zippered, washable cover, perfect for curling into after a long day being a good dog. From $89, bowsers.com

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