It’s not every day that you have a chance to enter a contest and win a prize to support your organization’s Zeuter/spay/neuter program!   ACC&D is offering up to $14,000 in small grants to be awarded, with individual grants as high as $2,000. So take a moment and tell us how this new game-changing procedure can “Be the Fix” for your organization.

This contest offers spay/neuter grants to reward creative strategies to market or incorporate Zeuterin into organization operations. ACC&D will share these strategies in order to help more organizations maximize the value of Zeuterin, be it reaching male dogs who wouldn't otherwise be neutered, leveraging more resources (space, time, and money) for dog spay surgeries and cat sterilizations, or any number of other benefits. The contest is open to U.S. municipal agencies, 501(c)3 animal shelters and rescues, veterinary practices and spay/neuter programs alike; visit the ACC&D website to learn more and download an application.

The Zeuterathon program is taking off with successful week-end zinc neutering events held in California, Florida, Texas, Louisiana and more being planned. Here’s a link to our Zeuter Coachella video, a one-day event where we Zeutered 86 owned dogs with one vet plus tech and volunteers! The mobile spay unit and vaccination clinic also offered low-cost services.