The Solution To Your Dog’s Marking and Accidents

The Solution To Your Dog’s Marking and Accidents


Does your dog have incontinence issues or a seemingly intractable marking problem? Whether your dog is spot marking, not house trained yet, or experiencing bladder issues, Pet Parent's dog wraps contain the mess, keeping both your house and your dog clean and dry! The bands, which come in sizes to fit Chihuahuas to Great Danes, feature a waterproof shell, leak proof elastic edges, and a non-abrasive lining that wicks moisture, so your dog wets the pad, not the house or your furniture. The boy bands wrap around your dog’s waist and the girl bands fit more like a diaper; both have a multi-layered absorbent pad sewn on the inside—no need to change a soiled pad with your hands. Easy to get on and off, they're machine washable so they can be used over and over again. Sold in packs of three, you can have one on your dog, one in the wash, and one on hand, just in case! Check out the Pet Parents site ( for testimonials from people using the bands to deal with their dogs’ stubborn marking, incontinence or medical-issue-induced accidents.

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