Every day numerous parcels and boxes arrive via mail or
courier; however, not all incoming packages attract the attention of our
office dogs, but should there be food in any of them, the dogs just seem
to know and they’re all excited, prancing about, tails a-wagging as they vye
for a close-up position so they can be first in line for any offerings. My dog
Penny was particularly interested in a box that was dropped off on my desk.
Upon opening it, I understood why… it contained a cookie jar from Purina, filled
with an assortment of colourful and interestingly shaped dog biscuits called Beneful Baked Delights (some even had soft centers) and they looked very much like home-baked cookies! When I
opened the lid, a bacony aroma wafted out (what dog doesn’t love bacon?) and soon not only did I have the
attention of Penny, but also the editor’s dog Esther.

Here’s a photo that I took looking down into the cookie jar (I love the little duckie!). The dogs love them and for pint-sized dogs like Esther and Penny I was able to break them into smaller pieces so I could share one biscuit between them thereby keeping an eye on portion control and their weight.

Here’s my dog Penny who asked to be picked up… I thought she wanted a cuddle, but no, she simply wanted to get up on my lap, using me as a stepping stone to get up on my desk and walk over to self-serve a biscuit. 


I’ll be immersed in work and then I’ll hear an rrrrrrrrr kind of sound, upon looking around to see what’s up, I then hear a  swoosh, swoosh, swoosh sound… it’s Esther, sitting beneath my chair, tail swooshing against the carpet, telling me in her own sweet little way that she’s having a snack attack. When I pick her up, she, too, heads up onto my desk hopeful that it’s treat-time.