Instagram is, of course, an inspiring (and scarily addictive) source of food and fashion pics, but nothing will brighten your day like following these famous and soon-to-be famous furballs. Whether you need a simultaneously funny and adorable dog-photo to put a smile on your face or inspiration for a pup-inclusive outing, these Instagram dogs are up to the task!

#1 Carl the Samoyed 
This puffball is so irresistibly cute, we put him on the cover! Carl the Sammy’s coat is so fluffy, he may just be part cloud, but don’t think this Samoyed is afraid to get his snow-white-self dirty romping with his pals. Most of Carl’s videos come with hilarious translations from his owner Lauren (@loandthecosmos) so you’re never left wondering what’s on Carl’s mind. Sample post: “Remember when I was just a smol shoob and borked at everything? Oh wait, I still do bork at everything.” Relatable AND adorable!
#2 Blaine & Bart Danzig
Though these gloriously grumpy-looking smooth coat Brussels Griffon brothers are actually seven years apart, they couldn’t be any closer. Named after punk rocker Glenn Danzig, this pair bonds over making mischief—but when they’re all tuckered out, they love to nap in their adorable ‘inbox’ office beds.
#3 Lexi the Pupski
This mixed breed cutie will brighten your day with vibrant photos of her adventures and—more importantly—treats about to be devoured. A true southern Californian, Lexi is a ray of sunshine who is all about colourful backgrounds and tasty snacks. This pup knows what it’s all about! Life lessons here, folks.
#4 Henry + Baloo

Too. Much. Cuteness. This pup and cat duo are best buds that explore the wilderness together. Follow along for unbelievable shots of their adventures together. Every photo is amazing, combining epic outdoor vistas with heart-melting cross-species friendship.

#5 Manny The Frenchie

With 1.1 million followers, Manny is the most followed Bulldog on the planet, and with good reason. Manny is an Instagram must-follow for any self-proclaimed French Bulldog lover, sharing a stream of crazy-cute smiling Frenchie shots to make you go awwwww.