Is it just my three monsters, or are all dogs light sleepers? No matter how lightly I tip-toe around their heads or how gently I get out of bed, all three of them are immediately wide awake and acutely aware of my every move. This isn’t problematic, per say, but rather an out loud wondering of sorts.

Chance, for example, likes to sleep right in the middle of the cold, hard tile dining area floor. I think this is super cute and will try to secretly approach him to observe, but he always seems to sense my approach and immediately rolls over and glares at me grumpily for arresting his sweet slumber.

Cash and Roxy are just the same. I love nothing more than to lie in bed on Saturday mornings and snuggle with my besties, but find myself frozen in place for fear of disturbing them and causing an onset of barking and excited wrestling in my bed.

Are my dogs overly suspicious, or is this common canine behaviour?