Providing your dog with fresh, balanced, homecooked food needn’t be difficult or complicated, thinks veterinarian Dr. Amy Cousino. Her new book, 300 Dog Food Recipes: Three-Ingredient Meals, underscores this philosophy. “The meals are balanced for protein and carbohydrates, protein for tissue growth and repair, and carbohydrates for energy,” says Dr. Cousino. “Depending on the recipe chosen, there are naturally occurring vitamins and minerals in each recipe.” The recipes, containing easy-to-come-by ingredients like chicken, shrimp, rice, and veggies, can be fed as an ongoing meal, and she expects that dog owners will feed a variety of the fresh food recipes, as well as recommended snacks. “As always, consult with your family vet for recommended supplements,” she notes.

If you’re new to cooking for your dog, jump in with this easy recipe from 300 Dog Food Recipes, which allows a “choose your own adventure” approach to the added veggies. You dog is about to be very happy.

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Ground Beef Dinner

Core Ingredients:

2 cups ground beef, cooked

½ cups potatoes, cooked and mashed

Choose One:

2 cups peas, cooked

1 cup peas, cooked, and 1/3 cup carrots, cooked and diced

1/3 cup carrots, cooked and diced

¾ cup lima beans, cooked, and 1 cup peas, cooked


40-pound dog, 2 meals (1 day of meals)

20-pound dog, 4 meals (2 days of meals)

10-pound dog, 8 meals (4 days of meals)

5-pound dog, 16 meals (8 days of meals, freeze half for later)



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