There’s a certain privilege that comes from glimpsing a shooting star mid-flight. An air of having been blessed with a rare opportunity—before it’s all but out of reach. And it’s a privilege we felt during our encounter with rising star, actress Sarah Roemer. Reminiscent of the vintage Hollywood tale of Lana Turner being discovered at the Schwab’s soda counter, Sarah’s own story of discovery includes the stuff that dreams are made of. Only hers began when she was approached by industry-insiders while she was buying a coffee. (Soda? Lattés? What is it with caffeinated beverages and the act of being discovered?)
While this model-cum-actor’s career initially began as a result of her easy-on-the-eyeballs looks, what has evolved is a promising career based on the proper developing and honing of those things actors refer to as chops. And hers are getting much in the way of a workout. In 2009 alone, Sarah can be seen in Screen Gems’ Fired Up, the family drama Hachiko opposite Richard Gere and Joan Allen, the Paradigm/North-by-Northwest Entertainment film Falling Up, as well as the indie-drama Waking Madison. However, to date, the one role that perhaps most rivals her role as Ashley in the hit film, Disturbia, is that of mom to two canine dudes called Clyde and Dylan. Here’s what she had to say about them from her home in LA.

MD: What kind of dogs are Clyde and Dylan? And how old are they?
SR: Clyde is a French Bulldog who is three and a half. And Dylan is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, and he’s one and a half.
MD: At what moment did you first feel actual love for your dogs?
SR: I fell in love with them both the minute I met them. I picked Clyde out of the litter because he was the most ‘to himself.’ And so cute! I got him after my other dog had died. When I got Dylan, initially I was more partial to Clyde. But that soon changed. And now I love them both.
MD: Have you always been a dog person?
SR: Yes. Always. I still have my childhood dog, Oreo. He is a black and white mutt. And he’s 14 years old. I always wanted a dog, growing up. But when I was young, my mom wouldn’t let me get one. We went through a lot of weird pets, like turtles and rabbits, before I was finally allowed to get a dog.
MD: You’re a busy gal these days with so many roles on the go. Are you ever able to bring your dogs on set with you?
SR: Yes! I had Clyde and Dylan both with me during the filming of Fired Up. If I shoot locally, I always bring them. I can’t separate them. They are best friends.
MD: What makes Clyde and Dylan unlike any other dogs?
SR: They are extremely well-behaved. They have great manners. They know the word ‘stay’ very well, which allows me to keep them off-leash a lot. They are so loyal to me, no matter what.
MD: What’s the most extravagant thing you ever did for, or bought for, your dogs?
SR: My mom bought Oreo a blinged-out collar once. He loves it! He feels really proud when we wears it and prances around like he’s showing off. And, once I bought Clyde and Dylan doggie cupcakes from Sprinkles, which is this amazing cupcakes store in Los Angeles.
MD: If you could spend a perfect day with your dogs, what would that day look like?
SR: We love to spend time at the dog beach in San Diego. So a perfect day would be waking up and hiking with the dogs, and then heading down to the beach for some fun!
MD: You’re becoming increasingly in-demand in Hollywood. How does your relationship with your dogs keep you grounded in an oft-times ungrounded industry?
SR: Dogs keep you out of trouble! I much prefer to be at home, hanging out with the dogs, than going out!
MD: If someone played your dogs in the movie of their lives, who would those actors be?
SR: Well, Johnny Depp would make a great Clyde, because Clyde doesn’t say much. And I imagine him to have a lot of inner dialogue. And I think Zac Efron (High School Musical) would make a great Dylan. He’s just a crowd pleaser!
MD: Okay, this one might be a bit heavy, but what lessons have you learned from your dogs about life?
SR: Dogs are completely honest. Like children. They are a true reflection of their owners. And that keeps me in check. Having to care for another life makes you have to care for yourself.