Kodi is a 14-year-old Australian Shepherd/Cattle Dog cross (aka “that bloody crazy cattle dog!”) currently in palliative care from advanced mass cell cancer of the hip. He was surrendered by another rescue who was unable to deal with his “aggression” issues which were really just over-developed herding instincts.


Chance, also fondly known as the “Mongolian monster,” is an 8-year-old paraplegic Pekingese. Before coming to SAINTS, Chance belonged to an elderly couple. He spent his last years with them living in the basement
after a small grandchild accidentally damaged his spine.
We are thrilled to report that he finally has a home to call his own with Modern Dog intern Sara Lima. Read all about her experiences with this charismatic paraplegic Peke in her blog, Taking a Chance on Chance.


Larry “the little old man” is a cream-coloured Chihauhua/Terrier cross of about 16 years rescued from a high-kill shelter in California. Fine web scarring all over his body coupled with significant hair loss led the vets to feel his past likely involved a fire. Three tumours were removed upon arrival—thankfully all of them were noncancerous—and several abscessed and
rotten teeth were extracted.


Al is a 16-year-old Yellow Lab/Pitbull cross. Initially surrendered
due to family break up, Al had been in three previous homes before coming to SAINTS. He likes to climb fences and hang out in the barnyards and fields. He is a playaholic!


Peluchi is a 10-year-old
mop-head mutt originally
surrendered because his family was moving. He has a grade 5 heart murmur and is best friends with Joey, the Chihuahua/Boston Terrier who was surrendered with him.


The indomitable Daphne came to SAINTS temporarily paraplegic. Though still fully incontinent, she has regained use of her back legs and goes racing through the acreage, barking all the while, clearly living it up.

Carol, Maude, Tyra

SAINTS’ Carole Hine with seniors Maude and Tyra. Except for those at the very end of their lives and some permanent
residents, the dogs at SAINTS are all up for adoption. And adoption makes room for Carol to take in another hard-luck case. Additionally, donations are always appreciated. saintsrescue.ca