Dogs and staircases can be a dangerous mix and until now, dog owners had to choose between keeping their dogs safe and keeping their homes attractive. With the arrival of The Stair Barrier, parents of four-legged little ones no longer have to settle for one or the other. The Stair Barrier keeps dogs safe without sacrificing style by delivering a safety gate that looks as good as it works.
Invented by Janelle Fitzpatrick to keep her own dogs and baby off her home’s volute/curved banister stairs, The Stair Barrier is the first and only fabric safety gate on the market, the only safety gate designed specifically for the bottom of staircases, and the only gate that can be safely installed on staircases with banisters on both sides. The gate’s unique design allows installation without a flat surface, on nearly all banister shapes and on an angle.
Installation of The Stair Barrier requires little or no drilling. Buckles on the sides of the Banister-to-Banister gates allow tool-free installation and easy transport of the gate for visits at homes with Banister-to-Banister staircases. The Stair Barrier’s Wall-to-Banister gates include installation kits that easily attach to the wall with a few screws. When not in use, The Stair Barrier rolls neatly to one side.
The Stair Barrier is proudly manufactured in Cornelia, Georgia with U.S.-sourced materials, including many fabrics milled with REPREVE, a fiber derived from recycled plastic bottles. 
Offered in a wide selection of fabrics to complement any décor. Indoor/Outdoor fabrics provide an option for exterior staircases and the Custom Division provides safety solutions for staircases wider than 52”.  An excellent option for homes with staircases off the entry or in the foyer, The Stair Barrier welcomes guests in style. Visit for a look at all the options.