Santa Monica, CA May 5 2014 – DeMarcus Cousins, of the Sacramento Kings, always felt like the underdog and now he wants to help dogs in need. Teaming up with DOG for DOG, Cousins donated 700 lbs of  DOGSFOOD to The Front Street Animal Shelter in Sacramento, CA

Cousins has three dogs of his own; Gotti, Sosa & Capone, who are loved, spoiled and an important part of home. Upon learning the good that the shelters in his area are doing, Cousins wanted to be a part of the solution. He approached DOG for DOG looking for ways to help dogs in need and we were enthusiastic to be a part of the giving.

Check out the video from #REALDMC to see DeMarcus Cousins and (@boogiecousins) Rocky Kanaka (@rockykanaka) working with Front Street Shelter to help dogs in need!

DOG for DOG is an all natural dog food and treat company with a mission to help dogs in need. You buy one we give one. It's that simple. 52,000 pounds were donated in 2013! For more information call 866-427-7920