Rollover’s delicious, nutritious dog food rolls have ALWAYS had real meat as the first ingredient.  From the very first Beef roll that was produced in our High River, AB facility in 1988 to the latest Super Premium recipes, Rollover dog foods are the healthy choice of discerning dog owners.

As the rest of the industry ‘catches up’ to the idea of meat as the main ingredient in their foods, Rollover continues to bring its semi-soft foods to the marketplace, basing all recipes on the knowledge that real meat is the only true protein on which dog food should be based and ensuring that all of our dog foods have a minimum of 50% real meat as the first ingredient.

Our Beef and Lamb recipes are made with heart, lung, liver and kidney while our Chicken and Turkey recipes are made with white and dark meats.  Wild Pacific Salmon is made with over 60% Wild Pacific Salmon (never farmed). Rollover has never used rendered materials, by-products, corn, smoke, animal digest or artificial flavours, preservatives or colours in our foods. As well, we never mix meat proteins – the recipe you buy has only the single meat protein, no other meat protein oils, fats or flavours are added.

As well, Rollover dog foods meet the nutritional requirements for all life stages per AAFCO standards – great for puppies and seniors as well as adults. Our foods are dense, requiring less be fed to meet your dog’s needs, plus our food is very digestible, therefore less waste clean-up.

We know that the most crucial aspect of your dog’s health is the food he eats and Rollover will always bring the best food to the marketplace, so don’t wait for your favorite dog food to ‘catch up’ – start your dog on the path to all-around health with natural, healthy Rollover Premium Dog Food Rolls.

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