It looks like one of the most magical places on earth, and it very likely is. The Rocky Ridge Refuge, located in northern Arkansas, is a sanctuary for special needs animals of all kinds, a place where dogs, raccoons, piglets—you name it—cohabitate and heal. Since childhood, founder Janice Wolf dreamed of creating just such a place and the reality has not fallen short of her schoolgirl fantasy. Janice creates a “group home” environment for abused, neglected, and sick animals of all size, stripe, and type, allowing them to peacefully rehabilitate. She helps along their healing process and, eventually, finds them forever homes, Janice’s animals are rehomed once they have made a full recovery, at which point she brings in another to take its place. At any given time, Janice nurtures 50 to 60 animals both exotic and common. Just some of the animals she has had in her care include capybaras, dogs, chicks, sheep, deer—even an African Watusi steer named Lurch. Janice encourages the animals to intermingle and learn from each other, resulting in some of the cutest photos of animals hanging out we have ever seen. Enjoy!


Noble, a German Shepherd recently rescued from a lifetime of abuse and neglect, makes friends with an orphan kitten


Crouton the rescued Tortoise insisted on hanging out with a litter of Great Dane pups. The pup pictured, Guppy, was his favourite!


Wyatt the Irish Wolfhound greets Mark the baby Emu.


One of a litter of pups born to a rescued momma has a little fun with the ducklings.


Bazinga the mini horse colt needed special help for a rear leg problem. Butterbean the Bull Terrier invited him in to share her dog bed!


Cheesecake the Capybara and some of the many puppies she helps raise have a watermelon feast. Crouton the tortoise was invited too!


Brothers from another mother. Two of the refuge's kittens cuddle with a rescued baby skunk.


A massage session between two friends.