cetyl m

Response Products™, makers of the Cetyl M®  line of joint health supplements for dogs, horses and people, has updated the packaging for its canine products.

“Every product needs a good update once in a while.  We think it’s the perfect time to give the packaging for these products a more updated look that is more reflective of the natural nature of our products,” said Lyndsey Myers, Marketing Director of Response Products™.
The packaging changes will roll out slowly to the public, but should reach all sales channels by the end of the year. 

Response Products is a progressive, family-owned company dedicated to the development and marketing of innovative joint health products for people, companion animals and horses. It strives to produce products with the highest quality ingredients, giving their products a superior formula over competition.

Ms. Myers added, “Cetyl M® products are time-tested, effective products that have helped literally thousands of dogs, horses and people.  The new packaging will help attract more customers who, in turn, will experience the fantastic benefits our products can offer.”