Raptor Shield

Raptor Shield
Protect Your Small Dog From Birds of Prey!


Owners beware! Due to the increase of Birds of Prey, small pets are being attacked in larger numbers than ever before. These occurences are happening across the United States, Canada, England and even in Australia. 

Beautiful days are meant for cookouts, hikes, river walks, and everything outdoors. But for small dogs, increased time outside means increased risk from above. Birds of prey like eagles, hawks, owls, and raptors can easily swoop down and snatch a small dog with their talons.  Bill Caruso, the inventor of Raptor Shield, learned this first hand when his Silky Terrier, Daisy, survived an attack from a Red Tail Hawk. After searching for solutions and finding none, Bill created the Raptor Shield.

Raptor Shield protective jackets are made from the same material as bullet-proof glass so talons can't puncture your dog's skin, thereby preventing birds of prey from flying away with your beloved dog, increasing their chances of survival. The colours are also a natural deterrent to birds of prey. Designed to be comfortable for everyday use, the lightweight jacket is cool in summer and warm in winter and comes in sizes to fit dogs 2 to 22 pounds. Give your pup a fighting chance with Raptor Shield. Bonus: your dog will look like a Super Hero! Find it here.

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