Nestlé Purina announced a personalized approach to dog food with the recent launch of Just Right by Purina.

This approach combines a dog owner’s first-hand knowledge of their pet with Purina’s proven nutritional expertise to create a personalized feeding experience.  This marks the first time a major pet food manufacturer is producing a personalized dog food in the United States.

Just Right by Purina is available exclusively at

“Every dog is unique and that’s why we believe the best solutions are personalized,” said Brian Lester, director of marketing, Just Right by Purina. “No one knows a dog as well as its owner. By combining a dog owner’s firsthand knowledge of their pet with Purina’s expertise, we can work together to help keep dogs happy and healthy throughout their lives.”  

Dog owners start by answering specific questions about their dog, including age, activity level, breed, and body condition. During the process, pet owners can select chicken, lamb or salmon as the first ingredient, as well as whether or not grains and soy should be included in the food.

Based on the information collected and a proprietary algorithm generated by Purina experts and nutritionists, owners will receive a recommendation for a high-quality, highly nutritious formula personalized to help support their dog’s health. 

Furthermore, owners have the option of personalizing the packaging by including a photo of their dog and adding his or her name on the bag. In addition, the package will include feeding instructions tailored specifically for each dog.