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What happens when a custom fashion design team falls in love with the idea of clothing a little dog?

It all started with a 3 ½ pound Chihuahua named Micca, seen in some of their product photos. For nearly 30 years, PURABELL has been creating custom one of a kind clothing, from cocktail dresses to exclusive handmade wedding gowns. Now they have expanded even further.

During a routine meeting, the team members began looking back at some of the items that they have been creating over the past year, and started gravitating towards designing innovative active wear products. Several team members inquired about obtaining some pieces for themselves.  They literally began asking the lead designer, Maria, to produce individual items for their own use.

It wasn’t long before their marketing director came in with his girlfriend’s 3 ½ pound Chihuahua puppy name Micca. He asked the team to produce a matching active wear set for the dog and her mommy. “Active wear for a dog?   REALLY!” The team laughed and thought it was the craziest yet the most unique and interesting idea they have ever heard. As the days past, the conversations grew and PURABELL Sport was created.

Purabell active wear comes from a desire to provide upscale designs that one can share with their pup. After all, they feel that dog and people are meant to be together! Their self-proclaimed goal is simple. Basically, they strive to make everything produced in their shop to feel custom made while maintaining functionality and unparalleled quality. With exclusive pet designs, PURABELL Sport makes everyday fun, fabulous and unique!

But there’s  more! With safety in mind, they started adding cooling mesh, bright colors and reflective accents, which makes the dog pieces not only functional and stylish but adds a safety aspect as well! 

PURABELL pieces are 100% custom made in their own shop located in Bradenton, Florida. They have a talented team that can make over two-thousand pieces each month, by hand. 

They eagerly say they have never had so much fun!