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Puppy Picks: Essentials For Your Pup

From crates to collars and toys, our top product picks for new pups!

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1.The key to an attentive pup that loves learning?
Being armed with high-value treats to capture the behaviour you want! Be ready to reward good behaviour with the Scout & About Deluxe Training and Poop Pouch from P.L.A.Y. This is the perfect pouch to ensure you always have treats (and poop bags) on hand! ($20,


2. Work off some of that puppy energy with this plush toy launcher
that lets you fling toys without having to stoop to pick up a slobbery stuffy! Awarded “Best in Show” at Global Pet Expo 2022, Funki Flingerz are adorable, super-durable, launchable plush toys that easily slip onto the patented launcher for endless fetch sessions. Ballistic nylon materials and a squeaker make for durable fun. ($20,


3. Stop the Slop Does your dog trail water all over the floor? Bid adieu to the mess (and wet socks!) with the Slopper Stopper Dripless Water Bowl! This unique solution pairs a stainless-steel water bowl with a food-grade cover that keeps your pup’s ears, feet, beard, and snout dry and reduces water spills by up to 85%. Perfect for travel, it also prevents your dog from putting paws in their water dish! ($55,

4. I Chews You Satisfy your teething puppy and encourage positive chewing behaviour with the Premium Chew Stick from Jones Natural Chews! Safe for dogs of all sizes, these delicious, single-ingredient beef or chicken chews are 100% USA sourced and made, and they last for several chew sessions! Always monitor your puppy’s chew sessions. ($12,


5. Your new pup needs an equally cute collar The awesome vegan leather dog collars from Hot Dogs All Dressed are made from durable biothane to effortlessly stand up to long wear, water, and muck without getting dirty or smelly. Finish it off with your choice of adorable adornments, from daisies to skulls.(from $28,


6. Keep your puppy busy and out of mischief with the very cool modern dog toys from MUi Pet! Fill the Ubbe toy with treats, wet food, or pup-friendly snacks for an extra-motivating chew—or challenge your burgeoning canine Einstein with the Odin Toy treat-dispensing puzzle toy! Bonus: the unique design makes them easy to clean. (from $24,


7. No more marked furniture! Rocky & Maggie’s Pop-up Pee Pads are the first and only pee pads designed especially for male dogs. These super-absorbent pads include a vertical target in a cute hydrant shape to attract your dog—and save your couch! The all-five-star reviews rave “best invention ever” and “freakin’ genius, and kinda funny” from users happy to have solved pee problems. (from $15,


8. The Perfect Crate Do your pup a favour and crate train from a young age. Having a dog that’s comfortable in her crate is a huge help when potty training, travelling, visiting the vet, and more. Perfect for the task are Lucky Dog’s Dwell Series crates. They come in seven different sizes, feature smooth double-panel sliding doors and rails, and have secure door latches. Plus, a nifty divider panel to allow you to partition the crate as your pup grows to provide the perfect amount of room. (from $40,


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