Robert Pattinson, who famously told press that he had a closer bond to his dog than to any girl he knew (I wonder what Kristen Stewart thinks of this), has reportedly fallen so in love with the Jack Russell co-star of his newest movie, “Water for Elephants,” that he asked the trainer if he could adopt the dog.

This is excellent news. Sure, he could have rescued a dog from a shelter, but beggars can’t be choosers, and any news involving Mr. Pattinson and a dog is welcome in my books and in my blog.

Especially since it gives me the opportunity to introduce a list I like to call The Top Three Famous Guys With Dogs. The list is, unfortunately, completely subjective, but I shall patiently read and consider any and all comments to this post with other suggestions.

Jake Gyllenhaal + Atticus + Boo Radley

I’d like to give Jake and his precious dogs bonus points for A) having such awesome and literary-inspired names, and B) being photographed playing on the beach almost as many times that I can just imagine that Jake is about as fantastic at being a dog’s best friend as he is at everything else he does.

Kellan Lutz + Kola

Kellan and his Kola are pretty amazing, not only because of amazing they look together, but also for how outspoken Kellan is for rescue organizations and animal rights, posing in adoption campaigns and taking Kola nearly everywhere he goes. Considering he’s on of the stars of Twilight, that’s pretty much everywhere.

Ian Somerhalder

Honestly, I’m not sure if Ian Somerhalder has a dog. His vocal support of adoption campaigns, his frequent publicity appearance at events dedicated to helping animals in shelters, his environmentalism and constant outspokenness about the state of Louisiana following the oil spill, and the dogs and other pets in trouble because of it, make me love him just a little bit more than I already did after he got me hooked on Vampire Diaries.