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Pup Podcast
Heartwarming new podcast tells the stories of dogs who have saved their owners' lives


A new, critically-acclaimed podcast is set to enliven your morning commute. Rescued By a Dog tells the stories of dogs who have actually saved their owners lives. These feel-good happy-cry stories are everything that the world needs right now.

“Dogs, in my opinion [are] the greatest gift bestowed upon humankind,” says host Laura Thomas, whose passion for her subject matter rings through each episode. Thomas knows her métier, having spent over a decade working on animal-related documentaries, as well as managing a big team at the nation’s largest “No Kill” shelter.

Her podcast is clearly hitting a note. The Season One finale (“When Danelle falls off a cliff, Taz is her only hope of survival”) garnered tens of thousands of social media hits and landed the podcast in the top 10 percent of pet podcasts in the US. Season Two, which premieres February 11, kicks off with the story of nationally-renowned dog trainer Matt Beisner, star of Nat Geo's Dog: Impossible. Beisner shares the story of how his rescued Jindo pup, Renge, singlehandedly helped him overcome his life-threatening addiction demons, transforming him from a jobless, suicidal alcoholic (one scared of dogs, no less), to a passionate dog advocate and recognized dog trainer with boundless gratitude for life.

“It's an epic, heartwarming story,” says Thomas. “Right now, our world feels heavy and divisive, and I wanted to create something to lift people out of that heaviness. I wanted to show people the goodness and love that is still all around us. Dogs give us the simple magic that the world needs right now.” 

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If a dog saved YOUR life, you can email your story to rescuedbyadogpodcast@gmail.com.


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