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Poop Bags You Can Feel Good About!

Not all poop bags are created equal...

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We all know it’s important to pick up after our dogs. Un-scooped dog poop has been found to have a major impact on water contamination and the spread of bacteria into ground water supplies. Yuck, right? But what you use to pick up your dog’s poop is almost as important as scooping in the first place. If you use a regular plastic bag, that bag will outlive you. Single-use plastics last forever, only breaking down into smaller and smaller macro and microplastics, which are incredibly harmful to the environment, people, and animals, especially sea life that mistake the plastic particles for food. (Sailors report that the most common man-made item they see are plastic bags.)

Worse yet, “green washing,” the practice by misleading labelling suggesting a product is more environmentally friendly than it actually is, means we may think we are choosing an eco-friendly product when in fact we’re not. Many poop bags on the market labelled as biodegradable in fact contain elements made from petroleum—i.e. plastic.

Fortunately, Lucky Dog has formulated new poop bags that are all natural and chemical free, decomposing completely and leaving no harmful residue. Certified ASTM D6400, they meet the environmental gold standard and are made of only organic, non-GMO plant-based material with no oils or starches, so they’re 100 percent compostable. For bonus points, they contain no dyes or internal cardboard roll—and they’re easy to open too. Finally, poop bags you can feel good about!  

Get a box of 32 rolls for $42 at and feel good about eliminating some single use plastic bags from the earth. Use code MDog2020 and you’ll get a 20% discount!

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