Block-out Ticks and Sun Burns!

Inspired by the lightweight sunblocking shirts that people wear, the revolutionary outdoors-suit Sun & Bug Blocker from Hurtta is specially designed to deflect the suns harmful UV rays for dogs!

The flexible "athletic" suit is like an unrestricting body-armor, covering from the ears to the base of the tail, it offers full-body UPF 40 protection and is the only effecient prevention against Malignant Melanoma (skin-cancer) for dogs.

The treatment of the superlight material wards off ticks, mosquitos, horseflies—even fleas. The repellant is not on the dog but in the fabric, and is used in most outdoor equipment, from army apparel to sleeping-bags, tents and baby-strollers. In addition to the bug-bite protection the suit also prevents annoying burrs from getting tangled in your dog's fur! 

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