Pork Chomps are made from naturally flavorful baked pork skin rather than rawhide, has surprising health benefits.

ROCKVILLE, Ind., (Dec. 2, 2013) – Whether a dog has been naughty or nice this year, pet parents seeking the perfect holiday gifts for their four-legged friends need not look any further.

Pork Chomps chews, by Scott Pet Inc., are the perfect gifts for all dogs, from small to big, since they come in multiple sizes and varieties.  These delicious chews are made from baked, expanded pork skin and are 100% rawhide free, which means they are 99.9% digestible compared to rawhide chews that are much less digestible.

Mike Bassett, president and CEO of Scott Pet Inc., said Pork Chomps also provide great health benefits for dogs.

“A recent study, conducted by the University of Illinois Department of Animal, not only proved Pork Chomps’ digestibility but showed that dogs who ate Pork Chomps had reduced cholesterol and triglyceride levels,” he said.  “What better present can pet parents give to their dogs during the holidays than better health?”

In addition to the health benefits, Pork Chomps are also cleaner and easier for dogs to digest since 70% of the pork’s fat is removed from Pork Chomps thanks to Scott Pet’s proprietary, patented expanding process.  The process also removes unsightly color from the pork skin while reducing odor and grease. 

All in all, dogs around the country agree that Pork Chomps are the delicious chews they crave.  In fact, independent studies have shown that nine out of 10 dogs preferred Pork Chomps products to beef rawhide because baked pork skin has a natural flavor that is highly appealing to dogs where beef rawhide is actually tasteless and has to be basted, flavored or stuffed to get a dog’s attention.

Premium Pork Chomps are available at fine pet product retailers around the country and are sold in a variety of shapes and flavors that will satisfy the palates of even the pickiest dogs.  For more information, please visit www.PorkChomps.com