“A Pet Place” – Have you noticed that your dog doesn’t like the lumpy, soft seats in your vehicle? They don’t like the slope of the back seats that forces them toward the back? They don’t like the foot well that they fall into during a fast stop? Their nails scratch up your seats as they try to hold on?  But… they do like to look out the window! 

The PetDek, developed by a long time dog owner and automotive engineer, addresses these problems for your furry friends.  And you as well! A win-win situation. The PetDek, installed, is 2 inches high in the front and 4 inches in the back. This takes most of the slope out of the seat, allowing them to lie down and look out the windows. Here’s a real bonus: easy installation that takes less than 60 seconds to install or remove.  It’s lightweight at 12 lbs, but easily carries 200 lbs. Open to 23 x 48 inches, slide into the back seat, swing down the legs and you’re done.

Pet has an accident or his water bowl spills? No problem! Water can’t hurt the water proof carpet or the PetDek. Want to clean it? Just hose off the carpet and Petdek.  The PetDek doesn’t block the A/C vents and doesn’t surround your pet with a hammock that causes overheating.  It won’t bend or break scaring your pets.  No fiddling with straps and buckles.  No tugging on your head rest.

“A Car Space” – When not being used for your pet, you can use it to carry  picnic coolers, groceries, tools, clothes, luggage, pizza, cakes, cartons, golf clubs. Use your imagination.  No falling on the floor when you stop! Totally made in the USA of recycled materials. No need to worry about foreign chemicals coming in contact with your pet!  So unique it carries US utility and design patents along with European registration. Sold all over the world to pet lovers who want the best there is!