Easy, pocket-sized solution for hydrating thirsty pets

Staying hydrated is top priority for on-the-go dogs and their people. The Pet Top Portable Pet Drinking Device screws onto most standard water bottles for water for whenever, wherever hydration. Whether you’re out on a long walk, at the park or taking a trip, stash the petite Pet Top to convert your own water bottle into one for Fido. We like its compact nature and convenience; no more need to bring an extra bottle or bowl on outings!

The Pet Top works for dogs of all sizes—simply adjust the flow of water. To keep things tidy (no drips or spills) and your dog from drinking too fast, keep the opening on the smallest setting that works and never squeeze the bottle. Just keep the bottle at a vertical and your parched dog will angle it accordingly while lapping up the refreshment.

Pet Top Portable Drinking Device for Pets, $7.95 at pettop.com.