(La Crosse, Wisconsin)  We all know lots of great reasons to have pets; for their love, companionship, protection and a world of others, but keeping up with their shedding hair can be a constant chore.  It gets everywhere they go and can get woven into fabrics and carpeting where they spend time to the point that the conventional solutions aren’t quite adequate.

Enter, Fur-Zoff.  The new and remarkably effective Fur-Zoff removes hair in a very different way and, especially on taut fabrics from the car to the couch, carpet or comforter, outworks them all.  Most other tools rely on either vacuums or sticky things to lift the hair.  They work fine for hair just laying on a surface but as soon as the hair loops under some of the fabric fibers they are not so effective.  Fur-Zoff is made from foamed recycled glass and has a surface that looks like a sponge but is as hard as a bottle and works like a million hair-sized yard rakes.  The tines are so small you can barely feel or see them but when you lightly stroke Fur-Zoff across your pets favorite places it rolls up the hair like a yarn.  It even pulls out the woven-in ones.  As long as both ends of the hair are free it’s going with the Fur-Zoff.  Once the hair gets rolled up on the Fur-Zoff, it comes back off very easily and does not wear out or change the Fur-Zoff in any way.  That makes Fur-Zoff the most durable and earth friendly product of its kind too.

While no one product can do it all, Fur-Zoff definitely deserves a place in your cleaning arsenal.  It’s faster, easier and more effective on those tough to clean places in your life.  Learn more about Fur-Zoff at furzoff.net or facebook.com/furzoff.