A Portrait of Penny

Last week I received an unexpected parcel which, upon opening,
contained, much to my delight, a portrait of my wirehaired Dachshund, Penny.  The note accompanying it said that the artist
happened upon an “adorable” photo of my new dog and since she was between
commissions decided to do her portrait, knowing that I would appreciate it. Boy,
did she get that right! In my opinion, there’s no better present, nor better way
to memorialize your pet than a commissioned portrait. And for every taste, no
matter how diverse the artistic style, there’s sure to be an artist out there
who can paint, sketch, collage or photograph your pup according to your vision.  If, like me, you admire Eileen Zegar’s style
of portraiture, be sure to check out her website. This particular portrait is
done in pastel, but she also provides other mediums as well (the one of Penny
is done in pastel). Pricing depends upon the size of the portrait, the medium
you choose and whether you opt for framing. To view other portrait artists visit Modern
Dog’s portraiture page.

Thanks to Eileen Zegar of DogARTLA.com for this beautiful
portrait of Penny:


And here is the photo that Eileen used as her inspiration: