A big box arrived in the mail today and my curious girl Penny jumped in to see what it was all about (and probably to claim it as her own)… it was a West Paw bed, a favourite among the dogs in the office!  I hadn’t had a chance to remove the labels though and soon Penny was busy trying to get the label off, scratching and pouncing on it, to no avail. It was hilarious to watch and gave me a much-needed distraction from my work. After a bit, she just gave up and sat there looking at me.

Taking pity on her, I removed the bed from the box, took off the label and soon she was stretched out comfortably enjoying her new digs. This super-soft and cushy bed’s fiber fill is made from 100% recycled soda pop bottles (Penny’s bed, a size small, is stuffed with fill made from over 28 plastic bottles!)… eco-conscious manufacturing strategies such as this really helps lessen the impact we make on our environment…just one more reason to love West Paw! To read more about West Paw’s creator, Spencer Williams click here.