My work schedule always seems to infringe on my exercise time
at the club, so in order to keep up a somewhat basic level of fitness I’ve
taken to riding my bike to work. As I always bring Penny, my canine side-kick with
me, I chose a Solvit Tagalong pet bicycle basket in which to transport my
precious pooch (works for dogs up to 13 pounds).  Installed in just
minutes, Penny fits securely inside and the leash clip keeps her in place
should she happen to spot a cat en route… an important feature since Penny
loves to chase cats. Especially handy are the convenient pockets that allow me to
stash my sunglasses, keys, leash, wallet, water bottle and more.  You can even remove the basket, click on the
shoulder strap and use the basket as a portable pet carrier.  Brilliant! Also be
prepared for the loads of “cute” comments as you cycle past bystanders. 

For those wishing a more classic look, Solvit also make a
wicker-style model.