[September 9, 2013; Philadelphia, PA] – Few things are as devastating and scary for pet owners as a cancer diagnosis for their beloved pet. Penn Vet’s Ryan Hospital is changing the face of cancer medicine with a Comprehensive Cancer Care Program – a multidisciplinary approach to evaluate and treat cancer patients. Through this groundbreaking program, the best minds from all aspects of cancer care collaborate and offer solutions that are individually tailored for each patient, resulting in better care, more efficient service, and a more complete approach.

For many people, deciding the course of treatment for a pet suffering with cancer is emotionally difficult and overwhelming. Options can vary widely, and navigating through separate appointments with various clinicians, weighing multiple options, and deciding on the optimal treatment course can often be confusing and stressful. At Ryan Hospital, board-certified specialists from medical, surgical, and radiation oncology collaborate to provide a comprehensive assessment of each patient’s cancer care needs, all in one appointment. The compassionate, knowledgeable team then works with clients every step of the way to navigate through the diagnosis and subsequent treatment plan for their companion animals.

“The expertise has always been here. But this new team-based approach ensures that your pet’s every need is met as soon as you walk in the door,” said Bo Connell, Executive Director of Penn Vet’s Ryan Hospital. “Representatives from every cancer specialty will be involved in your pet’s care, resulting in the best possible treatment for your pet’s specific needs.”

As the leader in veterinary cancer care in the region and one of only three veterinary comprehensive cancer care centers in the nation, Penn Vet is pioneering the field of cancer treatment and research.

“When you entrust your animal’s care to our team, we commit the very best in treatment options,” adds Connell. “With our rich history of clinical expertise, vibrant research and collaborations, and a culture of compassion, Penn Vet is truly transforming the standards of cancer care.” 
Ryan Hospital clients have access to some of the finest medical and radiation oncologists; a top-notch surgery team, including one of the only fellowship-trained surgical oncologists in the area; an interventional radiology specialist; a world-class dentistry and oral surgery team, distinguished by their training in maxillofacial cancer surgery; board-certified nutrition specialists who offer consultations on diet and feeding strategies that may improve quality of life or treatment outcomes; the only board-certified nursing staff in the region; a grief counselor and support group aimed at helping those caring for chronically ill, terminally ill, or aging pets; and some of the most modern facilities and equipment in veterinary medicine – all in one building. In fact, Ryan Hospital is one of only three veterinary oncology facilities in the country that is able to offer medical, surgical, and radiation oncology specialists in a single service, providing more immediate care and expertise in all aspects of cancer care throughout every step of treatment.

And, by continuing fruitful partnerships with Penn Vet’s Veterinary Clinical Investigations Center and Penn Medicine to make available novel cancer therapies to patients, the Comprehensive Cancer Care Program can transfer the latest and most cutting-edge research directly to patients.

In addition, Penn Vet is a member of the Comparative Oncology Trials Consortium, which is run by the National Cancer Institute and provides access to a wide range of new cancer drugs in the early stages of testing.

To make an appointment with Penn Vet’s Comprehensive Cancer Care team, call 215-746-8387.

For more information about Penn Vet’s Comprehensive Cancer Care team and related cancer research, visit www.vet.upenn.edu/about/press-room/press-kits/.