Last week did not start off well for us. Chance had a seizure Monday night and scared the pants off me. I’ve never witnessed a seizure before so I wasn’t positive at first what it was, but after conferring with other dog owners and Carol (head honcho at S.A.I.N.T.S) it became clear that the violent convulsions and spit spraying characterized the ictal phase of a generalized seizure. Apparently seizures are quite common in Pekes (along with every other unfortunate ailment, it seems) and once they have one, odds are they will continue to suffer from them. I don’t know much about seizures, what causes them or what I can do to prevent them, but it’s something I’m looking into further. So please send your good-doggie vibes Chance’s way and keep your paws crossed that it was a one time occurence – I know we’ll be doing the same.