Thanksgiving is a great time to get together, share good memories, have a good laugh and of course, enjoy a great meal with family, friends and your pup(s).

Everyone’s favourite part of Thanksgiving is when the gravy starts getting passed around the table. Now, thanks to new Milk-Bone* Gravy Bones*, your dog can have his Milk-Bone* and his gravy too. The gravy-basted biscuit lets your furry friend enjoy their own Thanksgiving treat, thanks to a mix of delicious flavours  like beef, chicken, bacon and liver. Not to mention the added benefit of being fortified with 12 vitamins and minerals to keep your dog healthy, while freshening their breath and helping to clean their teeth.

When you give your dog delicious Milk-Bone* Gravy Bones*, you can eliminate potentially serious health risks that dogs can face when they eat turkey.

For example, dogs can choke on splintered bones and they have difficulty digesting turkey skin (which can result in pancreatitis). So the next time you see someone trying to pass the turkey to your dog, pass the Gravy Bones* instead and avoid an unplanned trip to the vet.

Fuel your gravy boat with Milk-Bone* Gravy Bones* – find them where you get other delicious Milk-Bone* products. 

Have a great holiday!