Publishing a magazine requires lots of long hours sitting in
front of a computer and more often than not, I find there’s no time left over at the end of a day
for a workout at the gym.  In order to keep
up my exercise quotient I’ve taken to riding my bike to work. The last couple
months the weather here in Vancouver has been perfect for cycling and that, combined
with a breathtaking morning route along the waterfront and my BFF in tow, well,
life just can’t get much better. Having Penny join me on my ride into work is
actually a breeze. She fits into a well-made and stylish carrier manufactured
by Sleepypod. Rather than the carrier attaching to the handlebars where the
added weight could create instability, the frontloading bike-rack design uses
the center of gravity right above the front tire for maximum stability and
control. The carriers come in a couple different designs and loads of great
colours. Should you decide to stop along the way to pick up a loaf of bread, it’s
easily disconnected from the rack and with the shoulder strap clipped on for
hands-free carrying, you can effortlessly (and discreetly) bring your dog into
the store, who will be totally out of sight when fully zipped in. I really love
mine; so much so, I chose it to be featured in Modern Dog’s Fall issue! It
comes highly recommended by both Penny and me for a safe and fun riding adventure.  Click here for more info on Sleepypod’s Side Kick Bike Rack.