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Open Your Heart, Change a Life!

Want more love in your life? Adopt one of these dogs and Best Friends will fly them to you for free!

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Want to change the world? Start by saving a life. Adopt the dogs featured on this page (along with other select dogs and cats over six months old) for FREE from Best Friends Sanctuary in Kanab, Utah! Don't live near the Sanctuary? No problem! The dogs and cats eligible for this promotion can fly home to you for free anywhere in the U.S. or Canada! Email for more information or to set up an adoption appointment.


Ted |  English Pointer

BIO: How do you make Ted happy? The answer is toys, toys, and more toys! Ted is an active dog who loves being on the move. Playing fetch with stuffed toys is one of his favourite pastimes. He also likes to take dips in his pool, and to run around and play with his many doggie friends. He's a popular, happy-go-lucky guy who loves people, too. Because Ted is so active, he has a tendency to run off to try to find adventures. He'll need a home with a secure enclosure and a person with a watchful eye. Ted was born in 2011 and came to Best Friends from an overcrowded shelter. Now he's looking for a home full of love and fun.


Shug | American Staffordshire Terrier/Cattle Dog mix 

BIO: Just look at Shug's amazing face. This Pit/Cattle Dog mix has so much love to give, it's ridiculous! Shug is an accepting, easy-going gal, who wants her very own home. She'll do best as a single pet, but that isn't too much to ask for a dog who's this wonderful! Walks, Kong toys, bones, tug-of-war: sign her up! She's also a treat-catching ace. Shug's mellow, loving ways have won her lots of friends at Best Friends. Born in 2010, she is ready and waiting to find her forever family. Come meet this happy, distinctive girl! She'll steal your heart and fetch that treat.


Malibu  |  Border Collie

BIO: Sweet, loving Malibu enjoys walks and being outdoors but is also great at relaxing inside. She's excellent with people and always happy to meet new friends. She enjoys playing with toys and food puzzles. Malibu was born in 2013. She is house trained and has great indoor manners, though she'll do best in a home without cats. Although Malibu lived with another dog at a shelter before coming to Best Friends, she is reactive to other dogs. Dogtown caregivers are working with her on this issue, and it's possible that with continued training she may be able to have a doggie friend again, but for now she'll do best as a single pet. A human best friend is her deepest wish.


Joy | Staffordshire Bull Terrier/Shar Pei mix

BIO: Joy is both attentive and dreamy! She's eager to please people and already knows sit, stay, down, and come. All she wants in return are love and tummy rubs!

Her dreams are filled with wishes for a person of her very own. Joy has Babesia, a blood disorder usually picked up from a tick bite. Because it can be transmitted among dogs, Joy must be an only child. But she's ready and willing to give you as much love as an entire pack! Born in 2006, this smart, outgoing gal also loves to run and play. Everyone needs more joy in their life; how about bringing this Joy into yours?


Lincoln |   Labrador Retriever

BIO: Handsome Lincoln has a gorgeous black coat, though in the wintertime he sometimes looks white because he loves to roll around in the snow! A social boy, Lincoln enjoys being around people and is eager to please. Although he likes to play with other dogs, he sometimes reacts with barking and lunging when he sees them while on leash. However, Lincoln is a very smart boy who picks up on training cues quickly and can now pass other dogs much more calmly. He really enjoys food puzzles, which help slow his eating and keep his mind active. He has mild anxiety and is working on his car manners so he can be the perfect co-pilot. Lincoln was born in 2007 and would love to ride off into the sunset with you.


Oliver | Chihuahua

BIO: Steady and solid: that's Oliver. He was born in 2006 and, although he takes medication for a heart murmur, he walks, plays, and eats like a much younger dog. Oliver gets along well with other dogs, too. He has a tendency to guard his toys, but he listens really well to his caregivers. This steady little fella is looking for lasting love in a home where he can spend the rest of his life. Due to Oliver's heart murmur, he can only travel home via land or by hitching a ride on an in-cabin flight (Best Friends will cover the cost of his in-cabin flight).



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