My dog has been blessed with good health which over the years has thankfully kept vet visits to mostly annual checkups and vaccinations. Of course, there have been a few rush trips in to get her checked out after she’d scarffed back something disgusting on a walk that I couldn’t pull her away from on time. The resulting inflamed digestive track would always be quickly remedied with a treatment of antibiotics. As Kaya ages (she must be in her late 90’s in people years), I’ve been bringing her into our vet, Dr. Spooner, far more frequently. I’m worried that she’s in pain and I don’t want my dog to suffer. As she’s still very much "with it"…  her obvious enjoyment of life (think food and walks) being visible proof, I’m very sure she’s not ready to leave this world yet. To make her more comfortable though, I’m giving her (on our vet’s advice) Tramadol, a type of narcotic that helps pain and discomfort. She’s doing well on it with no negative side effects.

Like so many other older dogs Kaya’s back end (hips/joints) seem to be giving her the biggest problem making it difficult for her to get up, climb stairs, etc. I’d heard that acupuncture can help with pain management, rehabilitation of joints/nerve degeneration so I thought I’d give it a try. We booked an appointment with a vet trained in acupuncture and holistic medicine. I was surprised that Kaya, usually a very "nervous Nelly", just sat quietly with no apparent discomfort while she was being treated.  The treatment was on a Saturday and when I came into the office with her on Monday morning, everyone could notice the difference. Kaya’s back legs were straighter and she seemed less wobbly on her feet. I’m planning to bring her back for a series of treatments as apparently an even more evident effect can usually be seen after the third treatment.

Here are some pictures:

Veterinarian, Sue Hughson keeps Kaya on the floor for her treatment so she’ll feel more at ease