NYC Bed, Bath and Beyond Stores Welcome Four-legged Shopping Buddies With Designated Pet-Friendly Carts

NYC Bed, Bath and Beyond Stores Welcome Four-legged Shopping Buddies With Designated Pet-Friendly Carts


Have you ever walked by a store and had something catch your eye, but couldn’t enter because your furry pal was looking up at you with gleaming eyes, begging you not to leave him outside? Well, Bed, Bath and Beyond stores in New York City have stepped up to solve this issue plaguing would-be shoppers accompanied by pets. Not only do they allow dogs in their stores, they offer designated dog-friendly shopping carts, allowing dog owners to breeze through aisles with dog in cart. A laudable move, you say? Well, they decided to take it one step further. Just a plain old shopping cart designated for dog use wasn’t enough for Lain Scorgie, President and CEO of Microdry, the global consumer goods brand that invented the original memory foam bath mat. Scorgie realized that dogs didn’t seem comfortable sitting on the shopping cart’s grid base, so he worked with his Microdry design team to produce a memory foam pet mat to place in the carts, providing cushioning for pooches riding along. Thus, the newly launched “canine cart” was born. And the verdict? “The dogs love it,” raves Lucy Santos, District Manager of Bed, Bath & Beyond’s New York City stores. “It’s a great way to show our love for dogs and promote the incredible comfort Microdry offers exclusively to our shoppers.” Customers can currently use “Canine Carts” at the Bed, Bath & Beyond location in Chelsea, Manhattan, but the program will extend to additional Bed, Bath & Beyond stores in the New York City area. Cross your fingers for further expansion.

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I wish that Petsmart and Petco would do the same for our furry friends. It would only make sense to have petfriendly carts in a petstore. WTG Bed Bath & Beyond always a favorite!
Tue, 01/29/2013 - 05:18
This is PAWSOME!!! It will probably be FOREVER before we see this in NC.. WTG Bed Bath & Beyond for thinking outside of the box ... or should I say BUGGY
Fri, 02/01/2013 - 11:14
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Cindy Dy
Thu, 09/26/2013 - 00:21

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