Fear and anxiety can play a big role in many dogs' behavioral issues, with common signs including trembling, panting, hiding, escaping, and excessive barking. New Cosequin Calm helps support balanced behavior and relaxation during stressful events, such as thunderstorms, visitors, traveling, and loud noises. 

Cosequin Calm joins the Cosequin family of products that already includes an extensive line of joint health supplements, in addition to Cosequin Omega-3 for skin and coat health support. Nutramax, best known for being the maker of the #1 veterinarian recommended retail joint health supplement brand, has been the key industry leader in the animal supplement category for nearly 25 years. 

Cosequin Calm provides a proprietary combination of ingredients, all in one convenient chewable tablet. The combination of ingredients helps provide a comprehensive approach to behavioral issues in dogs. 

Each bottle of Cosequin Calm contains 30 tasty, bone-shaped chewable tablets that can be given daily or as needed during stressful situations such as thunderstorms, traveling, loud noises, and visitors. Cosequin calm is available online at petsupplies4less.com. For more information, visit cosequin.com or call Nutramax customer service at (888) 886-6442.